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*uses tumblr mobile for 5 minutes*


*images dont load*
*battery drains to 30% scrolling through grey boxes*

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you know when ur in a certain position in the car where its like wow if i get in a crash im fucked

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I take the L and R on my headphones seriously.

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The easiest way to tell if you’re happy or not, is during the nights before you go to sleep.
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Show me your worst,
And I will show you
How I love you
Just the same.

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There is nothing prettier than a city at 5 AM with its empty streets and cold wind
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I’ve never fallen so hard for someone in such a short period of time. And even though I promised myself I wouldn’t risk the chance of getting hurt again, for some reason when I’m with you, it all seems worth it.
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You don’t have only one soul-mate.

If you did,
you would have married your best friend
three years ago.
She knows you
better than her right hand,
and she’ll listen to you cry
from eight states away.

You don’t have only one soul-mate,
because people wake up different parts of you—
parts you never even knew existed.

The boy when you were 15
taught you what it felt like
to get caught kissing in a closet
at the party you never should have been at
in the first place,
without his lips ever touching yours.

When you were 18,
a boy let you know what it’s like
to have your heart lodged in your throat,
because he’s moving 2,000 miles away,
And he won’t tell you when he’ll be back.

You wait until you’re 22
to get attached again,
and this time you feel it in every inch.
It’s as if you got struck by lightning—
the Lichtenberg figure crawls
up your arms and across your back,
like his hands on your skin
while you laid in bed together,
and you thought the thump of your heart
was in time with his.

You don’t have only one soul-mate;
Instead, you have soul-mates,
because your heart is huge
and you have the room.

you fall in love easily but your heart still isn’t full ; s.m.  (via beachyhouse)
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my mom says hey


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